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2012 NBA Playoffs: Al Horford, Marvin Williams In Starting Lineup For Game 5


Larry Drew will go with his old and trusted starting lineup for the first time since early January in Game 5 with the Hawks facing elimination. Both Al Horford and Marvin Williams make their returns to the starting lineup joining Josh Smith, Joe Johnson and Jeff Teague.

The move signals that Al Horford was fine following his 20 minutes of action in Game 4 and clearly Drew is looking for a much better start this time around. Some combination of Jason Collins (and possibly Ivan Johnson?) will likely back up Horford.

The inserting of Marvin Williams no doubt has a lot to do with Atlanta's desires to get Joe Johnson involved early in the offense. Williams will likely be matched up with Paul Pierce from the outset freeing Johnson from that responsibility. The move also signals that the Hawks will try to attack Boston's smaller backcourt of Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley. Kirk Hinrich moves to the bench where he will likely back up at both guard positions in Game 5.

For the Hawks there is no tomorrow so there is no point in waiting. If Larry Drew feels that this is the lineup that gives them the best chance to win then it is time to go with it.