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Atlanta GM Rick Sund Talks Hawks Basketball


Hawks general manager Rick Sund sat down with the AJC's Michael Cunningham recently and discussed the 2012 season and a little bit of what lies ahead. The entire interview is a good read but Sund took the high road on many of the most pressing issues facing the team. With his job status still not confirmed its likely that he can't comment on anything going forward but again it isn't really his style to divulge much information.

Here is Sund's answer after MC asked him to evaluate the 2012 season:

There are two seasons. Once you become a real playoff team, there are two seasons. I thought we had an unbelievably great first season: 40 wins, key people hurt, the players and Larry [Drew] kept their focus. We ended up having the fourth-best record in the East. I thought with all the adversity it was really a great year with the compressed schedule and all the obstacles a team has to climb, which every team has those obstacles. I thought it was good.

The second part of the season is the playoffs and that's disappointing. I think a great thing when you go through the [exit] interview process you get to talk to the players, and to a man-I still have a couple to do-but to a man they all think we should still be playing. And that's a good thing. There's disappointment in their heart. They look [at the playoffs] and feel they are good enough to be playing at the championship level.

Another tidbit from the interview is Sund still hasn't done Josh Smith's exit interview which could mean something or nothing depending on your point of view. Check out the full article and feel free to discuss Sund's answers and view of the team here.