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Sergiy Gladyr Could Play In Summer League, Possibly Join Hawks In 2012


The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly interested in having 2009 draft pick Sergiy Gladyr once again take part in the Vegas Summer League are exploring the possibility of buying him out of his current contract in an effort to bring him over for next season. Gladyr took part in the league with the Hawks during the 2010 season and didn't exactly impress. In fact here is what I had to say about him then:

Sergiy Gladyr - This is the one guy that I came away a little disappointed in. While he might not have been put in the most position to be successful by his teammates, Gladyr really didn't show anything other than a jump shot. A jump shot that was off for the most part during summer league (5-19, 2-12 3pt). He didn't show a real good handle with the basketball nor did he show a lot of ability to create a shot for himself. He will go back to Europe the season for more work and perhaps we will see him again in the summer league next year.

Apparently the Hawks are intrigued by his long distance shooting and with a need to round out the bench cheaply, he might be an intriguing option.