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Hawks Denied Portland's Request To Speak With Rick Sund, According To Report

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According to a report by Chris Haynes of the Atlanta Hawks denied Portland the opportunity to speak with general manager Rick Sund about the Trail Blazers' vacant gm position. Hawks ownership chose to postpone any such meeting between Sund and Portland until after its season ended.

However the report suggests that Sund isn't interested in returning to work in the Pacific Northwest and is currently in talks about re-signing with the Hawks and is also considering retirement.

Now that the Hawks' season is over, a source tells that "Sund to the Trail Blazers is not in his plans." Sund and Hawks' ownership are in talks about re-signing being that his current deal expires June 30 and I've been told that retirement is strong possibility.

Atlanta has already picked up the option on Larry Drew's contract for next season which is peculiar with the uncertainty surrounding the general manager position. The feeling is that Sund will likely return but if he should choose retirement, keeping Drew suggests that management may look within to fill the gm role.