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Ziller: NBA Draft Grades, Revisiting The 2007 Draft


With the season now over for the Atlanta Hawks we will be turning our attention quickly to the upcoming NBA Draft. As part of an ongoing series SB Nation's Tom Ziller is taking a look back at the last five years worth of drafts and assigning grades for each team. Up first is the 2007 draft which was a big one for the Atlanta Hawks. ATLANTA

Al Horford (3), Acie Law (11)
Grade: B

Horford was an ace pick -- he's possibly the second best player from the 2007 draft, though there have been a myriad of arguments comparing Al to Noah. (I'd give the edge to Horford, but I'm just one guy.) Where Atlanta fell apart is by taking Law in the lottery. This is a famously light draft after the top few players, but with two lottery picks, the Hawks could have made their future for the long-term. Law was a wasted opportunity; he's already a journeyman who has played for five teams. Thaddeus Young, Rodney Stuckey or Aaron Brooks would have worked better there.

Atlanta escaped having to send this pick to the Phoenix Suns which would have been really bad for the team as it is constructed now. Looking back at this draft I recall many pulling for Horford as the pick and others had their reasons for the Hawks taking Mike Conley. I even remember some forecasting Yi Jianlian as one of the top selections.

This draft went perfect for myself as I was hoping for Horford and Acie Law. Its no secret that Law didn't pan out and eventually slid deep into Mike Woodson's dog house where he became out of shape and was eventually a part of the deal that brought Jamal Crawford to Atlanta.