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Josh Smith Injury: Hawks Forward Doubtful For Game 3, According To Report

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The news certainly wasn't as bad as it could have been. An MRI exam revealed no structural damage to Josh Smith's knee according to a report by the AJC. The report indicates that Smith has patellar tendonitis and is doubtful to play in Game 3 but would be probably for Game 4.

Since the report came out the Hawks issued a release saying that Smith was diagnosed with a strained left tendon and his status was day-to-day. The official statement made no mention of any MRI exam.

Larry Drew indicated in the AJC report that Smith's status would have no bearing on the availability of Al Horford or Zaza Pachulia.

"I ask every day how they are doing, but me asking and wanting them back is not going to speed up the process whether they are ready or not," Drew said. "If they are ready and they can play I am sure they would play. If Josh is not ready to go, and if Zaza and Al are not ready, I will just have to be without all three guys and we will march on. As bad as I want those guys back, if those guys aren't ready to play I can't push it or pressure them into playing."

In other words, the Hawks aren't going to rush either Pachulia or Horford back before they are ready no matter the situation. If Smith can't go in Game 3 then the Hawks have few options. Either Marvin Williams or Ivan Johnson would likely step into the starting lineup provided Pachulia isn't ready to return by Friday.