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NBA Admits Late Foul On Celtics Was Called Incorrectly In Game 6

<strong>Still over.</strong>
Still over.

The Game 6 loss was tough to swallow for so many Hawks fans. To come so close to extending the series to a Game 7 in Atlanta and failing by only 3 points.... I'm sure made some Hawks fans lose some sleep. The bizarre and controversial end to that game left fans thinking "what if".

With the Hawks down with 3.1 seconds left in the game and Marvin Williams inbounding, Marquis Daniels fouled Al Horford before the ball was inbounded. Referee Eric Lewis blew his whistle and believed that the foul came after the ball was released from Marvin Williams' hands, making it just a common foul that would only result to another throw-in instead of having one free throw plus the ball back.

It was a blown call,but if it makes you feel any better, the NBA released a statement that Eric Lewis did make the wrong call.

However, replays showed the foul occurred before the ball was passed and should have been treated as an away-from-the-play foul, in which case Atlanta would have been awarded one free throw and retained possession of the ball.

There's always "what if" situations in close games. Eric Lewis did make the wrong call, but who knows what would have happened after? In the end, the series is still over and the Celtics advanced to the 2nd round.

The only gripe I have would be that the national media isn't making a bigger deal out of it, which proves that they do cater to "bigger named" teams. How big of a deal would this be if this happened to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers? To the Miami Heat? To the Thunder?

Exit Question: On a scale of 1-10, how big of a deal is this?