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Bomani Jones Admits: Say, That Hawks Winning A Series Thing Was Some Seriously Bad Prognostication

<strong>The truth can be painful.</strong>
The truth can be painful.

I haven't said so in this space, but I really enjoy Bomani Jones as a writer and for the videos he's produced on SBNation's You Tube channel, where he does the 'Bomani and Jones' show.

His latest, titled 'Bomani's Biggest Whiffs', begins with an acknowledgement that, hey, maybe picking the Hawks to win a playoff series was a seriously bad prediction.

"I'm man enough to admit it, I picked the Atlanta Hawks to win a playoff series -- on national television. No, that wasn't very smart."

(cut to Jones in front of green screen -- in a behind the scenes type shot)

"My man Brent says it best: Why play hard against the Hawks when you can wait for them not to show up?"


We could take it personally as Hawks fans, but as such we know it's best to file this nugget under the heading "The Truth Hurts, and Hurts, and Hurts" and "Why Won't This Franchise Ever Change?"

Jones goes on to take a look at some of his more dubious predictions -- check it out below: