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Peachtree Hoops Site Announcement

It is an exciting time for us at Peachtree Hoops that after nearly two seasons with just me and Jason providing Hawks coverage we have finally bitten the bullet and expanded our team. Today we are pleased to announce that Nate Butler Jr. has agreed to join our team and made his debut this morning with the recap of Atlanta's win over the New York Knicks from Friday night. Nate is currently a journalism major at Georgia Perimeter college and will be transferring to the University of Georgia in the fall.

If you already follow Nate on Twitter then you know that he is a diehard Atlanta sports fan which is a requirement around these parts and we plan to put Nate to work right away as we wrap up the end of the regular season and prepare for the playoffs.

Please join me in welcoming Nate to our proud and passionate Atlanta Hawks community.