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Celtics Vs. Hawks Video Highlights And More

Larry Drew earning praise from Hawks General Manager Rick Sund and AJC Columnist Jeff Schultz:

Sund talking about the team's resiliency in the face of all of the injuries that they have had to endure this season:

"Two or three years ago, we would've just quit - we would've folded,""This year we seem to have more resilience. Frankly, before the game [Monday] night, it was amazing to me that we were seven games over .500."

Schultz on this team and last year's squad:But they're not melting down in close games.

They're not folding when they fall behind by double-digits. They're certainly not looking down at the end of the bench, seeing so many of their teammates sitting idle in silk suits and then just mentally checking out.

That's progress. It says something about the players. It certainly says something about Drew's ability to motivate.

I'm reading stuff like this more and more and frankly many pundits wrote the Hawks off before they ever suffered an injury this season. That makes it all the more surprising for them to see Atlanta in the middle of things in the Eastern Conference given all of the injuries they have endured. That is likely to be a feather in the cap of both Sund and Drew once this season comes to an end and its time to discuss new deals for both.

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