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Celtics vs. Hawks: Ugly Game Uglier With Celtics Win


Quick Thought: The thing about ugly games is that you can still be satisfied with a win. You're stomach turns and violent things happen when the Celtics come into Philips Arena and win.

Other Thoughts:

Someone tell Jeff Teague this game means something. 4-13, five rebounds, three assists and two turnovers. Sloppy, sloppy play on both side by Teague made a difference in the game. You want to scream when you throw down? Yes, the dunk was impressive, but what would have impressed more is playing more inspired defense and attacking more on offense.

Where was the urgency to get into transition? The Hawks had a grand total of two fast break field goals -- two! This after one of the main points was getting out and running after Celtic misses, which would have been a nice idea since Boston obliged by providing 36 defensive rebounds for the Hawks after only shooting 39 percent for the game.

Teague and Hinrich have to go get the ball from Josh Smith if he doesn't zip it to them first. Too much time is lost with Josh getting the right of first refusal upon his rebounding the ball. No way the Hawks can be effective executing a gameplan that calls for transition offense when Smith is the trigger man. All it does is allow the defense to settle in while Josh jogs the ball up the court. Supporters of him providing proxy point guard services may point to nine assists against Cleveland and eight more against Boston and say 'nay', but while I more than allow that Josh is a gifted passer, rarely are those gifts on display in transition effectively -- and I would counter that Josh is far more gifted a finisher than a facilitator anyway.

Despite all of that, the team had a chance -- despite a rash of Celtic three-pointers that found the home team down 15, the Hawks were able to almost get the lead even -- thanks to rojo caliente shooting from Joe Johnson (9-17, 25 points) -- before Teague whiffed a wide open three to tie the game in the final seconds.


Mama said if nothing nice to say, don't say anything so I will refrain from saying anything about the brutal Jason Collins appearance. Glad for his sake he's healthy -- how's that for something nice. That is all.

The game changed after Teague dunked the ball, giving the Hawks their biggest lead, 47-39, and then he decided to scream at Ray Allen, garnering a technical foul. Concurrently, Zaza Pachulia discovered he was bleeding from his head, courtesy of a Brandon Bass flagrant foul on a previous possession, and he had to leave the way, opening the door to Collins to come in. The Hawks were stuck on that 47 for almost four game minutes and only four more points in the last 6:16 in the quarter. Definite buzzkill.

I may be the only one, but does anybody else hate the foul to give foul? I say play the freaking defense and if you foul then it's cool. But the idea that somehow a team is going to hindered because there are fill-in-the-blank amount of seconds left is silly. The Celtics had 1.2 seconds left on the clock in the third quarter and they still managed to inbound and get a Ray Allen three. They had two seconds left on a normal possession and got a dunk. Bottom line: They keep using that ploy -- I don't think it means what they think it means.

Final Thought:

Hate losing to the Celtics. Hate. It. See you Wednesday night against Cleveland.