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Hawks Vs. Nuggets Video Highlights: Missed Opportunities

The Atlanta Hawks suffered a heartbreaking 118-117 overtime loss to the Denver Nuggets Tuesday night. Atlanta missed several opportunities late in the game that hurt their chance to eventually pull out a victory including a missed Zaza Pachulia lay up off a nice inbounds play in the game's final moments. Zaza talked about that play and the missed opportunities down the stretch after the game.

"We had so many opportunities, you know. I don't think we were lucky today. Of course it's not an excuse. I have to finish that. But if you think about it, the turnover we had over there off Pargo's leg, Gallinari's three, Kirk's free throw and my layup. That's four big things. We just weren't lucky today. Again, that's not an excuse and personally, me, I have to finish when I have that kind of opportunity. I take that blame on my shoulders."

Zaza shouldn't place too much blame upon himself as his play has been one of the brightest spots for this team this season in the wake of Al Horford's injury. Pachulia finished with six points and 13 rebounds in over 45 minutes of action Tuesday night.