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Kenyon Martin Rumors: China Fighting FIBA Decision

Just one day after gaining FIBA clearance, Kenyon Martin's status could be just a little cloudier as Chinese Basketball Association is fighting FIBA's decision to grant Martin the ability to return to the NBA right away.

China has forwarded an affidavit to FIBA and the NBA - signed by Martin upon his departure in late December - that stipulates he wouldn't play in the NBA until his Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers' season had ended. China is demanding the contract be honored and Martin have to wait until the Flying Tigers finish their season.

Allegedly, the Chinese Basketball Association received Martin's clearance letter request during the Chinese New Year holiday when there was no one available to answer. After seven days without a response FIBA issued the clearance letter on Martin's behalf.

Martin will be joining the NBA this season, it is just the exact date that is unknown. If the Chinese Basketball Association is successful in blocking FIBA's decision then Martin wouldn't be allowed to return until his former team's season ends which is currently scheduled for February 16. Currently Martin's Chinese club doesn't look like it will make the playoffs but if they were to gain a spot then that would postpone Martin's trip to the NBA even further.

Once signing a contract with an NBA club, Martin will likely spend a week working out with that club before making his on-court debut. In reality this development may have little impact but it is something to keep an eye on as it also directly effects other players in China like J.R. Smith, Wilson Chandler and Aaron Brooks.

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