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NBA Trade Rumors: Could Los Angeles Lakers Trade For Kirk Hinrich?

<strong>What would you do?</strong>
What would you do?

From ESPN Insider's (registration required) John Carroll comes an interesting Lakers trade proposal to the Hawks:

Here are five potential smaller deals that could have a big impact:

1. The Atlanta Hawks trade PG Kirk Hinrich to the Los Angeles Lakers for SG Darius Morris and a first-round pick (either the Lakers' pick or Dallas' pick from the Lamar Odom trade)

Carroll suggests the Lakers could use the backcourt depth (truth) and they have a conveniently situated 8.9M trade exception from their surprising Lamar Odom trade. Hinrich could easily fit into that trade exception window and even with Darius Morris thrown inworks in the ESPN Trade Machine.

The Hawks could surely use another draft pick to bolster the rotation next year with cheap, controllable labor, then having two first round picks in what is regarded as a deep draft. They would also get Morris, a young talent that would provide Larry Drew with another young guard to ignore, perhaps distracting Drew from benching Jeff Teague. The Lakers get to use the trade exception for someone with an expiring contract and could help them defend in the half court.

From the fan's perspective, this works out great for the Hawks as they get something for Hinrich without taking any unwanted salary back for the next few seasons and get young, first round talent that could potentially lift the team up since the top end salaries the Hawks possess in Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford will make it hard to add any significant talent through free agency.

Lakers fans also get something out of the Odom trade, though given that Hinrich probably pales in comparison to a multi-functional seven footer-ish player who can defend and score. So, umm, yes -- where was I? Oh right, at least Hinrich will give them a useful engine instead of an expiring exception -- somebody who can help them in making and advancing in the playoffs as the Kobe era begins to wind down.

Exit Question: If you were in Rick Sund's chair when this emailed offer came in, what would you do and how long would it take you to do it?

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