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NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks Linked To Cavs Ramon Sessions?

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The NBA trade deadline is rapidly approaching and the rumor mill is starting to crank up. Currently it is hard to get a feel for what the Hawks might do at the deadline but one such scenario that they would likely consider is if it reduced payroll for next season. The Hawks struggles with the luxury tax line have been well documented and that will continue to be the case into next season as well.

One such rumor making the rounds has the Hawks involved in a deal centered around Ramon Sessions and Marvin Williams. However, it is unlikely that the Hawks would be willing to simply just take back another point guard given the depth at that position even though they have reportedly kicked the tires on Sessions before. The trade could be expanded to include the expiring contract of say Antawn Jamison and Kirk Hinrich then perhaps it makes more sense. Cleveland would probably ask for a first-round pick as part of the incentive for picking up the rest of Williams' contract. Now a word of caution about my fictitious trade. It would have the Hawks taking on by my math a little less than $4 million more this season which could be a stretch.

Now I have no idea if this deal or any deal involving the Hawks will happen but I think this is the type of trade that Rick Sund will be looking for should he decide to make a move. Freeing up some salary space going forward in an effort to provide some flexibility will be key for the Hawks as Josh Smith enters the final year of his current deal next season. Atlanta has reportedly shopped Marvin Williams in the past but the thinking is that Cleveland would be a team interested given that Cavs GM Chris Grant was with the Hawks when Atlanta drafted Williams.

Exit Question: What are your thoughts on this rumor and do you think the Hawks will make any moves at the deadline?