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Air Jordan 12 Campaign: Fly Through, Fly Around Or Fly Over

SB Nation is doing a three-part series of posts to help promote the launch of the new Air Jordan 12 "Fly Through, Fly Around or Fly Over." The first post at SB Nation's NBA page looks at the Fly Through category and features videos of Jordan Brand athletes, including Atlanta's Joe Johnson, showcasing their skills in action.

There are four other videos up in the post and we want the Peachtree Hoops nation to head on over there and vote for the one that you think is the best. When you visited Peachtree Hoops today you no doubt noticed some pictures of the Air Jordan 12 on the site. Since we like a good sneaker discussion from time to time, tell us what you think of the Air Jordan 12 in the comments section. If it is not your favorite then let us know which Jordan brand shoe is your favorite.