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Tracy McGrady Not Happy With Playing Time Following Portland Loss

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The Hawks struggles might have taken a turn for the worse for Larry Drew on Saturday night when Tracy McGrady expressed his displeasure over his playing time following Atlanta's 97-77 loss in Portland. McGrady played just 4:39 in the game and had some rather choice words following the game as reported by Hawks' beat writer Michael Cunningham.

"I'm tired of this [bleep]," McGrady said. "You can put that in the paper, I don't give a [bleep]."

McGrady told Cunningham that he hasn't been offered an explanation by Larry Drew and had previously approached him on the topic. McGrady sat out the Hawks win in Phoenix due to the back-to-back situation but said that was his decision. After resting for three straight days he must have been expecting much more on Saturday night.

"If you don't feel I can help, come tell me that," McGrady said. "He ain't told me nothing. I just want to help these guys win, man, which I know I can. But, damn, four minutes?"

The Hawks usually do a pretty good job of keeping internal complaints out of the public eye but it will be interesting to see how this situation is handled. For a team that has struggled of late with injuries and sub par play, a disgruntled player is about the last thing that the team needs.

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