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NBA Stats Galore: Josh Smith's Dunk Rate and 30-Footers


Woe be unto all those NBA stat heads that want to crucnh offensive statistics in every possible situation. Woe because today, February 15th, Basketball-Reference released Play Index + which, well, let's let them tell us what it is:

There are obviously an unlimited number of things we can do with the data - and we plan on adding even more features in the future - but for the time being the four main tools are:

Wow. A quick jog through some of the scenarios, Hawks-related finds that Josh Smith's dunk attempts per game are down this season (1.43 dunk attempts/game) from last year (1.75 dpg) and the year before (2.09 dpg).

Or you can look at which Hawks have hit shots in the last minute of the game to tie or take the lead. Note: The guy who has made the most isn't the one recently labled clutch on this site.

How many places can you see that Joe Johnson has gone 2-13 on shots 27 feet out and longer? And answer the question, who has made the most 27+ footers on this team this season. Hint: It's the same game who has hit the most 30+ footers, too.

There is obviously much more meaningful data to cull from this fantastic toy, so allow me to pose this Exit Question: What did you find from running this toy? Or, alternate question: Do you care?