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Hawks vs. Lakers Final Score: Lakers 86, Hawks 78

<strong>What a waste.</strong>
What a waste.

Quick Thought: Hawks were way too lackadasical to walk into Staples Center and win.

Deep(er) and Final Thoughts:

How can it get any deeper than this: If the Hawks are serious about anything resembling a playoff run, where they presumably will be playing teams better than .500 like the Lakers, then the carelessness has to be remedied.

How many missed shots at the rim and the free throws does one team need to throw away, along with transition opportunities, before they decide they want to be better than a team that beats up on teams less talented and hope that luck carries the day against the better ones?

Jeff Teague was way too lax with the ball -- on the break, to the hoop, overall. His is the one that needs to set the tone, and he is, but its a tone far too familiar for Hawks fans.

Josh Smith continued to do the things he does -- fill the stat sheet and take bad shots for him. It's tired, but one must also see an offense that stands completely still unless they are the focus of the latest pick and roll or have the ball in their own hands. Smith is a culprit in this -- he stands completely still, wide open of course -- and waits for the ball handler to drive to the hole, knowing that he will be wide open. No cuts to the hoop in the half court, just standing.

Marvin Williams tried to drive when he wasn't shooting fadeaways across his body. Marvin's 2-8 shooting night was highlighted by a number of plays where the ball slipped out of his hands or such. His clumsiness on the night appeared as if he had brought two left hands into the arena to play.

The Hawks took a noble effort against Kobe Bryant, 5-13, 10 points, and crumbled it up and tossed it into a corner with their (offensive) offensive approach.

Teams with aspirations of doing more don't do what the Donnie Don't Hawks does. They don't do whatever it is they want and is easy and hope that luck carries the day -- they take care of the ball, make good passes, take good shots.

The Hawks lack of a floor leader shows in games like this -- everybody is on the same page, but it's the wrong book.