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Halftime Report: Hawks lead Wizards 54-41

Atlanta has dominated the game from the start, and have jumped out to a 54-41 halftime lead. Jeff Teague has been aggressive early and leads the team (and the game) with 14 points along with three boards and two assists. Josh Smith has also been active early with nine points and six rebounds, while Al Horford has six boards of his own, but has yet to get going offensively with just two points. Devin Harris has been aggressive as well with 11 points and three dimes as the Hawks backcourt has dominated the Wizards. DeShawn Stevenson has hit three big threes to give him nine points. Zaza Pachulia came off the bench to great effect, and has seven rebounds to lead the team with his two points.

The Hawks keys entering the game were to keep the Wizards off the boards (after being out-rebounded 58-37 last meeting), as well as moving the ball for good shots. Atlanta has accomplished those goals in the first half as they have out-rebounded Washington 24-19 (7-3 offensive). They also have 12 assists on 22-of-44 shooting (50% if you're bad at math). If they keep up this intensity and effort the Hawks will cruise to a win.