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Halftime Report: Hawks lead at the half 55-51

Atlanta took a 55-51 lead into the half behind a solid performance from Zaza Pachulia off the bench with 11 points and six boards, and Al Horford's 10 points and six rebounds. Denver was led by Ty Lawson's 15 points and five assists and 14 points off the bench from Corey Brewer. Atlanta has handled the challenge on the glass out rebounding the Nuggets 24-21 and 9-4 on the offensive end (Denver came in top OR team in the NBA). Atlanta is shooting just 42.3% from the field, but has taken 14 more shots (and made 2 more) than the Nuggets, who are shooting 52.6% from the field. Atlanta is also doing well from the charity stripe making 7-of-8 from the line in the first half. The Hawks will need to continue being solid on the glass and focusing on keeping Faried, Mozgov, and McGee off the offensive glass (1 combined OR for those 3). Atlanta has also done well to force turnovers, causing 13 and scoring 12 points off those turnovers.