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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Fall After Disappointing Home Loss

We are 14 games into the regular season and our Hawks are holding down the number 5 spot. Here on Peachtree Hoops, we have rounded up the power rankings from various websites to see what they think of our team after the last week of action.

Finally a rebound
Finally a rebound

So here we are 14 games into the season and our new-look Atlanta Hawks are 5th in the Eastern Conference behind the Bucks and just ahead of the 76ers. In this last week we have split the games at home with a close win over Charlotte and a close lose to Cleveland SB Nation’s Seth Rosenthal will get things started with the Hawks surprisingly staying at the #8 spot.


Atlanta Hawks




Peachtree Hoops

The Hawks had been humoring bad teams a bit too much during that win streak, and they finally paid for that tendency in a collapse against the Cavs, easily the worst performance of the year by a defense that's been terrific so far. Atlanta's one of several top defensive teams that gives away a lot of rebounds (perhaps because they defend so well), and that bit 'em against Cleveland.

Marc Stein drops the Hawks 3 spots to number 10 after splitting the home games.

The Hawks moved up to a lofty No. 7, in spite of a mostly soft schedule, because of their stingy D and one quality W over the Clips. They slide back down now because the schedule delivered another inviting week that the Hawks squandered by splitting at home against Charlotte and Cleveland.

John Schumann at has the Hawks dropping 2 spots mostly because of the disappointing loss during this "soft" stretch.


Atlanta (9-5)
Pace: 95.1 (13), OffRtg: 100.7 (18), DefRtg: 97.3 (4)
That six-game winning streak was pretty darn shallow, and the Hawks may have proved it with Friday's loss to the Cavs at home, their worst defensive game of the season. But you can only play the games on your schedule, and the Hawks will have some tougher ones coming up to prove where they really stand. They host the Nuggets and visit both Memphis and Miami in the next eight days.

The Hawks continue to fall, but over a Pro Basketball Talk, Kurt Helin has our home team dropping only one spot from last week.

8. Hawks (9-5, LW 7). They won six in a row but did it against soft competition (save for the Clippers win). We’ll learn a lot more from them with teams like Denver, Miami and Memphis coming up.

I'm still waiting to see what and has to say. But what are your thoughts after this past week. Did we fall enough or should we just stay were we are?