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Dominique Wilkins' Reebok Pump shoes back on sale

You remember the shoes, likely from Dee Brown's dunk contest, but Dominique Wilkins rocked a sweet set up Reebok Pumps -- and they are back for us to remember --- and purchase.


The funny thing about that Dee Brown dunk contest was that Brown swiped the intellectual property of pumping his shoes from Cedric Ceballos when they both participated in the now-defunct Orlando All-Star Classic in the O-rena.

Here is the bit with the pump:

Anyway, shame on me for not noticing but the Dominique Wilkins version of the pump, a sweet Hawks red trim with the same red pump button, is available for sale again from Reebok.

ESPN's Lynn Hoppes was all over it and asked 'Nique about it when they re-emerged:

To celebrate those years and Wilkins' style, Reebok is rereleasing his Pump Twilight Zone signature shoe, priced at about $120, today.

"I was excited when they wanted to bring back the shoe," said Wilkins, who played 19 seasons in the NBA, mostly with the Atlanta Hawks. "Hey, I need a couple of pairs myself. I want to wear them again!"

Upon hearing this, I immediately went to purchase my pair -- and felt good about it. I felt better when Robby said he just received his and Kris was in the process of picking out his pair.

Say what you want about the P-Hoops crew, we are diehards at heart -- and we put our money and hoop pride where the heart is.