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Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow on Shooting: Video Link

Earlier this month I published an article on Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow. The interviews I did were in conjunction with a piece on that was (finally) released earlier in the week. Enjoy!

Kevin C. Cox

I recently wrote an article on Kyle Korver and Anthony Morrow's shooting competitions/workouts that take place after practice. The interviews I did with the two were done for both Peachtree Hoops and for as part of a similar video piece they were putting together. My article, if you need a refresher, can be read here with the full interview of both players. The video for features clips of those interviews as well as some video of the two shooting after practice (and making a lot of shots. I mean A LOT of shots). Check out the video below, and hopefully we will be able to do more things like this in the future that will provide a deeper look into the Hawks world beyond just the games. Even if you could care less about the interviews, if you enjoy watching great shooting (and who doesn't) this is a treat.