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Halftime Report: Hawks leading Pistons 50-45

The Hawks dominated the first quarter, allowed the Pistons to come back in the second, but finished the half up just 50-45.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Hawks took over the first quarter, taking a 28-13 lead, with Josh Smith scoring 14 points in the quarter. Atlanta used great defense to jump-start their offense and get out in transition. They forced seven turnovers (scoring eight points off them) and had 16 fast-break points in the first quarter. They limited the Pistons to 25% shooting in the quarter, while shooting 45.8% themselves.

The Hawks appeared to let off the defensive pressure in the second, allowing Detroit to shoot 50% in the second quarter. The Pistons bench provided a lift in the second and at the half the Detroit bench has 26 points (ATL bench has 12). The Hawks offense stayed consistent shooting-wise in the second quarter, but forced only two turnovers and six fast-break points. By playing more of a half-court style, the Hawks allowed the Pistons to take advantage of their size advantage to climb back in the game. Detroit out-rebounded the Hawks 15-8 (7-1 OR) and had eight second chance points.

Kyle Korver has been ice-cold going 1-of-7 from the field and 1-of-5 from three. The Hawks will need him to heat up if they are to pull away. Josh Smith has been great in the first half, shooting 9-of-12, scoring 21 points along with five rebounds with many of those points coming on the break and in the paint. Al Horford found his stroke a bit in the second and finished the half with 10 points and four rebounds.