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Lou Williams in Hawks starting lineup for second straight game.

The Hawks will send out the same starting lineup from Saturday's win over the Bulls for tonight's matchup with the Pistons. Jeff Teague, Lou Williams, Kyle Korver, Josh Smith, and Al Horford.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks will start Jeff Teague, Lou Williams, Kyle Korver, Josh Smith, and Al Horford for the second straight game tonight against the Detroit Pistons. This same lineup was very successful against the Bulls Saturday night in the Hawks 92-75 victory, and Drew hopes they will bring the same energy into the game tonight. The Hawks were very successful on the glass against the Bulls, despite playing with the smaller lineup, and were disruptive on the defensive end, which Drew said that played into him being comfortable sending that unit back out.

"I think having Jeff and Lou in the lineup makes us a lot faster, and puts us in more of an up-tempo style, and we had success with it in the other night's game and we're going to go with it again...You're always concerned when you go smaller that you're going to give up size on the boards, but if you do a good enough job boxing out...and chasing down long rebounds, we can get out and run and in our last game we did a good job of that and I don't see why that should change."

Drew also said the Hawks will use the big lineup at times to mix things up as they have all season. With Detroit having an extremely long lineup (4 starters over 6-foot-7), the Hawks will look to force the Pistons to adjust to their style of play and really push the tempo, much like they did against the Bulls. Atlanta will have matchup issues on defense, but will hope their speed will help them make up for that by pressuring ball-handlers and jumping passing lanes.

The key matchup will be Horford and Greg Monroe, who will do battle in the post. Monroe is the Pistons most consistent (and their best) scorer, and Horford will have to keep Monroe off the block, where he can dominate with his great touch on hook shots around the restricted area.