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Atlanta Hawks Power Rankings Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas to everyone from (minus Celtics fans).

All have fear of when Korver is hot
All have fear of when Korver is hot

Today is a great day, not only do we get a holiday filled with Christmas day games but there is another batch in the Power Rankings for us to read. After a very disappointing loss to the 76ers, the Hawks respond with a very convincing win at home of the Bulls. Let's see what the general consensus is of this team after a week where we went 2-2.

To start off, John Schuhmann at makes mention to Lou in the starting lineup.

Atlanta (16-9)
Pace: 94.2 (16), OffRtg: 101.4 (14), DefRtg: 98.4 (5)
With his team struggling offensively, Larry Drew switched up his lineup. Lou Williams started on Saturday against the Bulls, his first start since March of 2010. The move clearly worked because the Hawks scored 92 points in a slow-paced game against a top-four defense. The new starting group has scored 141 points (OffRtg: 111.7) in 63 total minutes together over 10 games.

Marc Stein at keeps us at the same spot from last week.

I'm sure Larry Drew would rather have a contract extension than Trimester props, but we'll get back to serious Hawks issues next Monday. Couldn't resist, in the Christmas spirit, hat-tipping Reebok for bringing back Dominique Wilkins' "Pump Twilight Zone" sneaks to honor one of our faves.

Sam Amico at makes mention of Josh possibly being traded

Josh Smith supposedly on trading block. If so, Hawks should get tons in return. He’s just having that kind of year.

Seth Rosenthal at mentions Larry Drew trying to get energy out of the at the pargo comment.

Larry Drew finds himself struggling to hoard and deploy "energy," one of the NBA's most capricious natural resources (up there with chemistry and Pargos). That seems to be the chief thing distinguishing a blowout loss to the Sixers from a blowout win over the Bulls.

Finally Matt Moore at has us at the same spot while trying to make an Ivan Johnson joke......... I'm beginning to wonder if somepeople are getting lazy since he havent budged since last week.

Tell me you wouldn't watch a "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" remake with Ivan Johnson in the lead role.

So here are the rankings for Christmas, let me know of your thought since we seem to be in the same spot at #8 the past couple of weeks.