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The definitive Atlanta Hawks wish list

It's time for a sponsored post -- and this one provides us the opportunity to hop onto virtual Santa's lap and ask for anything we want for the Atlanta Hawks.


If I could choose a list of gifts for the Atlanta Hawks to receive this Christmas season it would be --- Hmmmmmmmm ---- (drifts off to sleep -- dream sequence engages)

In my dreams, I see only bullet points --- bullet points --- bullet points:

  • Zaza Pachulia on a cap-friendly, lifetime contract with the Hawks
  • New, state-of-the-art locker rooms for the players
  • To have the teamwork spirit of this team continue on after this season, when the roster is likely not on one-year or terminating contracts
  • Deadly three point shooters available at all times, in all situations
  • Clarity on whether Al Horford should be playing forward or center in the NBA
  • For Josh Smith to have that one season where it all comes together and we see what his true productive ceiling really is
  • That Lou Williams starts the trend of young, talented players who want to play in the ATL
  • A long, happy head coaching career for Larry Drew
  • More ticket/food deals inside of Philips Arena for the people
  • More people at games to enjoy the aforementioned ticket/food deals
  • A chant at games that doesn't get lamer over time, is easy to do/repeat and provides more identity for Hawks fans
  • That Dominique Wilkins gets a cryochamber to allow him to be a part of this organization forever
  • That Steve Holman gets one too to call games forever and ever
  • For the Hawks to embrace the super-statistical analytics that have added some depth to pro and college player evaluation
  • For that one lucky break that brings the next great Atlanta Hawks superstar into reality

And, finally, and of course ----- Championship(s)!

Exit Question: I left out quite a few things that I know you guys are thinking about -- so what is your list?