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Hawks go with small lineup against the Bobcats

Larry Drew has set the Hawks starting lineup as Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, DeShawn Stevenson, Josh Smith, and Al Horford. Kyle Korver returns to the starting lineup in his second game back after suffering from back spasms. Anthony Morrow struggled in the starting role against the Magic last night shooting just 2-for-11 and Korver looked very good in his minutes. Drew said that Korver's minutes will be limited again, but he did not give an exact number; he just said it will be more than 20 minutes (the limit placed on him in Orlando).

The Hawks have not used as deep a rotation in recent games, but when I asked Drew about the possibility of him extending his bench's minutes tonight coming off of a back-to-back he said, "Yeah, that's a possibility. There's been some guys logging some big minutes and I have to be mindful of that and might stretch it out a little bit more and probably get a couple other guys and get them some playing time so we don't wear our starters out." Ivan has not played in three of the last four games and Zaza should be fresh playing only 18 minutes in each of the last two games so if the Hawks can build a lead, expect Drew to try and get some rest for Al and Josh who have played close to 40 minutes in each of the last four games.