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VIDEO: Jeff Teague with a pair of highlights to open the season

Jeff Teague is reminding everyone that he can take his game above the rim with a pair of spectacular dunks against the Thunder and the Rockets.

Atlanta's Jeff Teague is off to a great start this season but is also showing that he might be one of the most explosive players the Hawks have. Teague has opened the season with a pair of spectacular dunks against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets.

Against the Thunder, Teague streaked down the lane and threw it down over Kevin Durant who couldn't get over to help in time. Perhaps the most spectacular dunk of Teague's career came in the season opener against the Rockets when Teague took off and threw it down over the Rockets' Marcus Morris. The only negative on the play was that Teague was whistled for a charge but that doesn't lesson the ferociousness one bit.