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Atlanta Hawks, Al Horford get more love nationally from Grantland

Is there no end to the attention being paid to the Hawks from the corners of the Worldwide Leader known as Grantland? Zach Lowe, Rembert Browne and now Charles Bethea cranks out a must read interview with Al Horford.


(Disclaimer: I read the entire interview and felt like Charles nailed all the good questions -- and that was before he referenced Peachtree Hoops' comment on Horford's free throw shooting -- much appreciated, CB)

Al Horford is the center of Grantland's Charles Bethea's interview posted recently on the popular website.

In the interview, Bethea asked Al about coming back early last season, keeping in touch with Mike Woodson and what's different about the team this year -- which yields an interesting response from Al -- one sure to get the fingers pointing in the comments area over here.

Bethea leaves few stones un-turned in his talk with Al, and is a must read for Hawks fans -- an excerpt:

Have you noticed that Danny Ferry has brought more of a stat-based approach to your game plans?

I'm sure they're probably doing all their numbers back there, but they're not really showing them much to us. He's just brought a totally new approach here, as far as work and attitude. We all have noticed it: Encouraging people to work. Getting in earlier. Staying in after. And when you're working, you're working hard. I think in the past we've kind of gotten away from things like that as a team. You need to have an edge, and I think he has brought that. And we're buying into that.

Go read it. Come back here and comment. Do it now. Seriously.