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Atlanta Hawks vs. Denver Nuggets to be shown on ESPN

If anybody thinks that the Hawks aren't getting noticed by their good start, look no further than the proof offered by ESPN as they will televise when the Denver Nuggets roll into Philips Arena to play the good guys December 5th at 8pm.


The game the Nuggets/Hawks are replacing?

Chicago at Cleveland. No Rose. No Kyrie. No television.

The Nuggets and Hawks are two similar type teams -- not top heavy on talent, but some highly efficient players across the roster.

Denver's Kenneth Faried has become the new Twitter favorite amongst NBA watchers, with his "Manimal" nickname catching on -- as well as his current 20+ PER. Faried's 18% OREB, if he carries it throughout the season, would be the highest since Jayson Williams of the Nets did it in 1997-98. Here is the list of players that have done it since 1976-77, when Moses Malone pretty much dominated everybody.

As for the Hawks, Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Lou Williams have led the team in efficiency while getting solid efforts from the non-core players as well.

Ty Lawson and Josh Smith are the players playing below their established levels, both still providing flashes of their plus-level talent even while struggling.

Nice endorsement of the early season success for the Hawks and their level of interesting play to be picked up for a nationally televised game.