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Halftime Report: Hawks lead Wizards 50-47

The Hawks lead the Wizards 50-47 at the half and have been carried by Josh Smith's 15 points (6/8 shooting), three boards, and three blocks. The Hawks have allowed the winless Wizards to hang around and build confidence. Both teams have shot 46.3% from the field, but the Wizards have shot 4-of-9 from three compared to the Hawks 4-of-13 from beyond the arc. Washington has also dominated the glass, out-rebounding Atlanta 26-18 (7-3 Off.) giving them six second-chance points.

Atlanta was successful early getting the ball inside to Josh Smith and Al Horford, and need to return to that style in the second half. The second unit that is normally good struggled mightily late in the first quarter and was a big part of letting the Wizards shoot 62.5% in the first. The defense has been spotty at times, allowing too many open threes and they need to commit to crashing the boards more in the second half.