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Hawks Vs. Rockets: Hawks down 53-44 at the half

The Hawks got off to a strong start, but their rebounding struggles have caused serious problems as the Hawks are getting pounded on the glass 34-20 and 15-5 on the offensive end. Asik's size has posed a serious problem for the Hawks who have no answer for his length on the boards. James Harden has 17 points to lead the Rockets.

The Hawks offense has shown up in spurts, but has struggled at times to move the ball as is wanted/needed. Devin Harris leads the Hawks with 9 points (all coming in the first 6 minutes), while Josh Smith eight points, five boards, and three blocks. Atlanta is shooting 40.9% from the field (18-44) and 25 percent from three.

Anthony Tolliver has gotten a lot of burn at the 3 and 4 spots, with Morrow and Ivan not seeing any action. Larry Drew seems to still be trying to find the right rotations sometimes going extremely big with Tolliver, Smith, Horford, and Pachulia on the floor together at the same time.