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What Ty Lawson and Jrue Holiday's contracts mean for Jeff Teague

Wednesday afternoon was the deadline for the 2009 draftees to be extended and while Jeff Teague was not offered an extension before the deadline, some of his fellow draftees were and the result could be a market set for the emerging point guard.


Three point guards, all drafted in 2009, all in a row.

17 PHI Jrue Holiday University of California, Los Angeles 221 6905 2625 741 1112 .439 .375 .798 31.2 11.9 3.4 5.0 11.2 .078
18 MIN Ty Lawson University of North Carolina 207 5582 2490 565 988 .498 .388 .784 27.0 12.0 2.7 4.8 17.5 .151
19 ATL Jeff Teague Wake Forest University 207 3865 1420 328 581 .451 .332 .779 18.7 6.9 1.6 2.8 8.3 .103

Now, a walk through a timeline of Wednesday night, a Halloween night which might have provided a good bit of news for Jeff Teague to smile at before his head hit the pillow.

First, the night before, Ty Lawson got locked up by the Nuggets.

That led me to believe this:

Matt Moore offered and I concurred in this assessment:

It may not be the popular ranking of the three, but take a look at the advanced statistics and you'll see that Teague has passed Holiday.

Now, with their ears obviously burning, the representatives for Holiday and the 76ers came across with this just before the deadline to extend these guys.

Incentives could push Holiday's deal higher, but 41 million is guaranteed. So, with 12M per for Lawson and around 10M per for Holiday AND if you believe that Teague fits right in between, then you could be looking at an 11M dollar a year price tag for Jeff.

I'll wait while you finish screaming.

Now, on the other hand, this is not a fair accompli that Jeff gets that money. As Tom Ziller pointed out this morning, these teams that extended guys may have been bidding against themselves.

The Nuggets were first up (after Griffin's deal months ago), and they got Lawson for an average of $12 million. That should signal to the Sixers that they should be paying no more than about $8-9 million a year for Holiday. (They'll be spending more than $10 million.) Earlier on Wednesday, the Warriors reached a $44 million agreement with Curry. That should tell the Raptors and Sixers they are offering too much for their guards.

Of course, the market could be rich enough for Teague to get there anyway.

Six teams need PGs -- and the top five restricted free agents happen to play a little point guards. Demand equals six, supply equals five.

Payday. And that's why Jeff Teague is smiling.