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Halftime Report: Hawks struggling, down 54-46 to Warriors

The Hawks started off strong, jumping out to a 6-0 lead, but have since cooled off significantly. Outside of Kyle Korver's strong start (14 points on 5-5 shooting) and a boost from Ivan Johnson in the first quarter (7 points on 3-3), the Hawks have struggled shooting, with the rest of the team going 9-of-28 (32.1%) from the field. Atlanta needs to find an answer for David Lee who has 14 points and seven rebounds to lead the Warriors. Golden State is shooting an even 50% (20-40) from the field and have dominated the boards, out-rebounding the Hawks 22-12 (7-1 offensive). The Hawks have allowed a number of second-chance points and have not capitalized on opportunities to turn the ball over.

Josh Smith continues his struggles shooting the ball, but he has gone inside a little more, drawing a foul on one (He made both FTs!) and kicking the ball out for a Korver three on another possession late in the half, so Hawks fans need to hope he commits more to taking it inside to create shots rather than pulling long jumpers. Zaza Pachulia has struggled with just two points and two boards in Al Horford's absence, and he and Josh will need to be stronger on the glass in the second half if the Hawks are to get back into the game.