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John Jenkins takes part in NOC 'Training Days' documentary

John Jenkins participates in NOC's Training Days documentary at the P3 Training facility in Santa Barbara, California.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

YouTube sports network NOC tags along with Hawks rookie John Jenkins as he heads to the P3 Training Facility in Santa Barbara, California. P3 uses advanced techniques such motion capturing to fully measure and evaluate athletes to provide a blueprint for improvement. The series also features interviews with Jenkins and the P3 staff as NOC follows John throughout a day of training and measurement.

Part 1

Part 2

One of the biggest questions about Jenkins prior to the draft had to do with his athleticism. He was already an elite shooter but many wondered if he had enough athleticism to get his shot off in the NBA and was he quick enough to defend his position at the next level. As was seen in the video, Jenkins made major gains in several of the areas that P3 focused on during the summer. Its a great example of technology being used to help athletes improve in their weakest areas.

The remainder of the series is scheduled to be published next week and you can catch those by subscribing to NOC's YouTube channel.