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Video: Jeff Teague more confident coming into the season

Jeff Teague talked with reporters during Monday's media day and indicated that he is more confident coming into his second season as the team's starting point guard.

Joe Johnson's departure could have more of an effect on Jeff Teague than any of his teammates. With Joe a fixture in the Atlanta backcourt the ball was constantly in his hands leaving Teague often to rush the ball to him and then to get out of the way so to speak.

Now with Johnson gone its going to be left up to Teague to get the ball where it needs to be. His first full season as the team's starting point guard was solid but head coach Larry Drew and Danny Ferry are looking for more this season. That added to the fact that Teague can become a restricted free agent this offseason could have him under quite a bit of pressure.

If he is feeling the pressure then he certainly didn't let it show on Monday as he talked about the departure of teammates Johnson and Marvin Williams. He also discussed the additions of Devin Harris and Lou Williams as well as the need for the Hawks to play much faster this season. Like all of his teammates, Teague doesn't see the Hawks as entering into a rebuilding phase saying that there is still a lot of talented players on this team.