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Hawks waive Damion James, James Anderson

The Atlanta Hawks have their regular season roster set after requesting waivers on forwards Damion James and James Anderson.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Atlanta Hawks will begin the season with 14 players on their regular season roster after requesting waivers on forwards Damion James and James Anderson reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

James played well in the early in the preseason but seemed to lose some momentum over the final few games. Tolliver brings more experience and the ability to play multiple positions in the front court. However, James is much more of a pure small forward than Tolliver and that is a position that the Hawks are currently undersized at.

A log jam in the backcourt and the need to find minutes for players like DeShawn Stevenson and Anthony Morrow likely cost James a spot on the roster. by carrying 14 players the Hawks now have the ability to add another player should they see someone that they think can contribute.

This story was originally published at SB Nation Atlanta.