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Bill Simmons Podcast Hails the Atlanta Hawks

Bill Simmons, in his Eastern Conference over/under podcast, looks at the Atlanta Hawks 42 win number and, along with his buddy, Joe House, declares the Hawks a lock to go over the number.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Simmons and House, who do a very nice job on this podcast, both effusively gush about the Hawks. Both take the over, agreeing with me and Kris that there should be little drop off from the team that was on a 50 win pace last season, laying a 47 win number at the Hawks collective feet this season.

They also discuss playoff seeding, believing the Hawks should be in the mix for a three seed. So much for low expectations on this season, eh?

Simmons has his fans and his detractors, but I often say in this space that I really enjoy his work -- and nobody dedicates the time to the NBA that Simmons does at ESPN. I love reading, listening and watching the NBA and Simmons gives me plenty to enjoy -- excellent conversation.

Listen to the whole thing as they spend almost the first eight minutes of the podcast discussing the Hawks. It's a nice primer to get your excited before the season starts.

Exit Question: With all of this positive, national momentum, admit it, you're worried about a flop of a season from this team, aren't you?