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2012 NBA Preseason: Larry Drew undecided on final roster spots

Larry Drew said that he is currently undecided on how many players the Hawks will carry on the regular season roster.


The Atlanta Hawks still have 16 players on its roster and must make at least one more cut before the deadline on October 29. The Hawks can carry a maximum of 15 players but Larry Drew indicated on Saturday that a decision hasn't been made on whether or not the team will field a max roster.

"For me, and I've done it both ways, where we've had 13 and we've kept two spots open," Drew said. "I've had 14 and we've kept one. Or we've kept 15 guys. It's a matter of looking at what we feel is going to be the best for our club. We've got some guys in here who are fighting for a roster spot. Guys I really like. After this is all said and done we'll sit down with management and make a decision."

The Hawks have 12 players with fully guaranteed contracts currently on the roster. Mike Scott's rookie deal is partially guaranteed. That leaves three players, Anthony Tolliver, Damion James and James Anderson fighting for a maximum of two spots.

James had a strong start to the preseason but Tolliver now looks like the only lock to make the roster. If the Hawks decide to keep 15 players then James will probably get the nod over James Anderson judging by the amount of playing time each has received during the preseason.

A roster move early next week wouldn't be surprising but given the amount of injuries that the team is currently battling, the Hawks may elect to wait until after the final preseason game on Friday to make their final cuts.