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VIDEO: Lou Williams talks about returning home, finding role with Hawks

Lou Williams says that he doesn't want to be pigeon holed as a sixth man or as a starter. Thinks of himself as a "basketball player."

Lou Williams may very well find himself in the same role with the Atlanta Hawks that he was in last season with the Philadelphia 76ers. That of super scoring sixth-man off the bench. However, it is clear that Williams is going to play a big role on the team this season whether or not he starts or comes off the bench.

Williams met with the media on Monday and seemed calm, excited and happy to have the opportunity to return home to play for Atlanta. On the decision, Williams said that he entertained offers from other teams but in the end felt like Atlanta was the place for him.

When asked about the many roster changes the Hawks have undergone since last season Williams was quick to dismiss the word "rebuilding." He'd much rather hear the word "restructuring" which doesn't necessarily mean that there will be any sort of drop off in wins this season.

Its clear that this Hawks team will be much different than last season. With Joe Johnson at shooting guard, Atlanta has been able to overpower a lot of teams with his superior size. Now with Williams, Jeff Teague and Devin Harris, Atlanta has one of the quickest backcourts in the league and plan on taking full advantage of that this season.