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VIDEO: Devin Harris talks tempo both offensively and defensively

Newly acquired point guard Devin Harris discusses how he thinks the Hawks will need to play fast in order to be successful.

Devin Harris has spent virtually all of his career as a point guard in the NBA but there is a chance that he could find himself paired with Jeff Teague in the Atlanta backcourt as the team's starting shooting guard. The look would give Atlanta a pair of speedsters to help push the tempo which is something they want to do a lot more according to coach Larry Drew.

At media day on Monday, Harris talked about the challenges the team will face defensively when they have to go up against bigger players at the shooting guard spot:

We are going to have to speed them up and try and turn them over. Like I said, play fast, try to cover for one another and use our speed to our advantage.

Harris wasn't the only player to discuss playing fast on offense as well as defense. Jeff Teague and Zaza Pachulia both talked about having active hands and pressuring defensively. What rotations the Hawks use and how they handle defensive assignments against big guards will be one of the major storylines that are talked about during the preseason.