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Ivan Johnson got sent home last year for not acting like a rookie

Chris Vivlamore of the AJC does a feature on Ivan Johnson and unearths one of the issues that popped up last season around Johnson.

Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As Vivlamore features Johnson for Thursday's print version of the AJC (feels odd how Chris uses the past tense to describe tonight's tilt against the Spurs), he provides an answer to one of the disciplinary actions involving Ivan in Orlando last season.

Johnson admits that his issues last season centered on being an old rookie. He was sent home from Orlando after failing to give up his seat on the bench to a veteran.

"I knew I had some rookie duties to do but I wasn't going to be put through all the rookie duties because I'm an older rookie," Johnson said.

The article also reminds of the automatic wallet lightening ($25,000 by the league) which occurs when ones flips the bird at an NBA crowd. Ivan is back for more so what happens this year ---leaving the obvious.....

Exit Question: What's the over/under on "situations" involving Ivan this season? And how many will involve another team?