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Former Hawk Tracy McGrady Signs in China

Tracy McGrady who was a valuable player off the bench for the Hawks last year announces that he is signing in China.

Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In an announcement on his Facebook page, Tracy McGrady took the time to thank those who helped, supported, or inspired him (including Hawks legend Kevin Willis) during his 15 years in the NBA while expressing excitement for the next chapter in his life playing for the Qingdao Eagles.

His one year with the Hawks was a bit up and down. There were moments when he reminded everyone how good he was. Even more often he seemed like a new older, wiser TMac knowing how to play to the game and creating offense from the second unit. He looked like he was going to be a big cog for the team, but that changed after he questioned a DNP-Coach's Decision in the media. Although landing in Drew's dog house he still he played in 52 of the 66 games, just often with less minutes. It's hard to say how many of the 14 he didn't play in where due to injury, cautious coaching, or just being in that dog house.

I was certain he wouldn't be back in Atlanta because of the strife between him and Coach Drew, but I'm shocked that after his play the last 2 years that no one had a job for him in the NBA. Maybe he's making more to go to China? Or maybe teams felt he still "had to start?" Or maybe everyone was afraid of the McGrady playoff curse (never made it out of round 1)? Whatever the reason, it's sad to see this chapter close. Even with his injury history I think he'll put up some big numbers in China. I also think there will be plenty of old McGrady jerseys in the stands as he had the top selling NBA jersey in China for many years during his career. Best of luck, TMac.