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2012 Hawks Training Camp: Isma'il Muhammad signs with Atlanta

The Atlanta Hawks have signed former Georgia Tech swingman Isma'il Muhammad to a contract. Atlanta opens training camp on Tuesday with 19 players on the roster.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Atlanta Hawks added former Georgia Tech wingman Isma'il Muhammad to their training camp roster just minutes before media day activities began Monday afternoon. Atlanta will officially open training camp on Tuesday with 19 players on the roster.

Muhammad starred with the Yellow Jackets from 2001-05 and has spent the last several years playing abroad. In addition to going to playing for the Yellow Jackets, Muhammad starred at local W.D. Mohammed high school in Atlanta.

At 6-foot-6 and possessing exceptional leaping ability, Muhammad enters into the Hawks' small forward competition.

"If there are two spots open, then there is an opportunity for me," Muhammad said. "I know some other guys have more experience. Some guys do things better than me skill-wise. But I feel I bring something to the table defensively and athletically and with energy. So I'm going after one of those spots."

The Hawks have 13 players with guaranteed contracts leaving potentially two open spots for those currently on non-guaranteed deals.

This story was originally published at SB Nation Atlanta.