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Marc Stein: Al Horford Is Candidate To Replace Derek Fisher As Players' Union Head

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Buried deep inside of Marc Stein's Daily Dime article is a small discussion about who might succeed Derek Fisher as the president of the NBA Players' Union. Stein offers Atlanta's Al Horford as a potential contender for that job:

File away Horford's name as a likely down-the-road top contender to succeed the Lakers' Derek Fisher as president of the players' union.

Fisher's term won't be up until 2013 and Stein reports that Horford is already drawing strong consideration as his successor.

But when Fisher has had enough -- he has two years left on a four-year term after re-election in 2009 -- word is that Horford will draw strong consideration as his successor.

Al is well-respected around the NBA and his leadership qualities is one of the most appealing aspects surrounding him. The latest CBA deal was signed as a 10-year deal but either side can opt out in 2017. By the time that rolls around it could be Horford that is helping call the shots for the players.

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