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Atlanta Hawks 2011: Jeff Teague On Being Aggressive

Here is Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague talking about the importance of being aggressive and how it is key to his success:

"I think when I'm playing aggressive, I'm at my best," Teague said. "Sometimes I miss guys on a couple passes and they talk to me but I think that's just the way I have to play. When I am sitting out there being casual I think that's when I'm not ay my best and I think that hurts the team. ‘Quick' [Nick Van Exel] always tells me in my ear to be aggressive, so that's what I do."

Those comments were made after Atlanta's 105-98 win over the New Jersey Nets in which Teague finished 22 points and had six assists. On Saturday night, Teague appeared to forget what he had said just a day earlier as the point guard attempted just one shot through the first three quarters of the game in the Hawks first loss of the season prompting some criticism from his coach.

"I hope my young guy can take a look at that and see how you can impact the game and not score points," Drew said. "Sometimes scoring can be overrrated. Good point guards still find a way to impact the game irregardless if they score."

These comments have come under fire around these parts but while Drew mentions points in particular, I think he is really talking about aggressiveness with his young point guard. Teague's quickness and penetrating ability is a new wrinkle for this Hawks team who has transitioned from having a point guard that is less adept at attacking and more focused on long distance shooting.

Teague had four assists through three quarters and no points ,but was like nearly all of his teammates, a step slow and passive. Is it right that Teague got singled out from his teammates by Drew? That is on Drew and I doubt that he will ever be asked to elaborate about his comments.

The fact that Nick Van Exel is in Teague's ear telling him to be aggressive I think is proof enough that the coaching staff doesn't want Jeff to come down the court, make a pass and go stand in the corner. When Drew says that good point guards find a way to impact the game I think he is talking about setting up teammates or picking things up defensively even when that point guard isn't getting an opportunity to score. Its about still being aggressive. It is very possible that Drew thinks that when Jeff Teague plays well, the rest of his team seems to play well which is what I see regardless of who is listed as a captain and who makes the most money.

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