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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Fall To No. 10 In SB Nation Power Rankings

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The Atlanta Hawks had an otherwise solid week despite suffering a devastating injury to All-Star center Al Horford that will keep him out of action for at least three months. The loss of Horford combined with a road loss to the Indiana Pacers has the Hawks falling six spots to No. 10 SB Nation's NBA Power Rankings.

10. Atlanta Hawks 9-4 W: NJ, CHA, MIN; L: IND Peachtree Hoops
Atlanta's edged out two wins since losing Al Horford, but the schedule will get much tougher later this week with games against Portland and the Sixers. Atlanta's schedule has been rather soft so far this season.

The Hawks fell four spots in John Schuhmann's rankings to No. 13.

Atlanta (9-4)
Pace: 92.6 (23), Off: 103.3 (8), Def: 95.9 (5)

Eventually, the Hawks will probably struggle without Al Horford, but they're 2-0 since he was ruled out for the next 3-4 months. Maybe Ivan Johnson, who won the game for them on Saturday, can keep them afloat. NBA writer Marc Stein drops Atlanta six spots this week down from No. 6 to No. 12.

A shame it happened so soon after those big wins over Miami and Chicago, but there's no getting around it: Atlanta just lost the guy on the roster closest to irreplaceable, because Al Horford ranks not only as its best big man but also its smartest player.

Also at, the Atlanta Hawks are ranked No. 4 in John Hollinger's Daily Power Rankings.

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