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Ivan Johnson Is Lucky To Be Here, Could Be A Steal For Atlanta Hawks


Dime Magazine has a mini-feature on a rarity on the Hawks roster: A free agent find from the D-League. The find is Ivan Johnson, who won us over with a passionate preseason and knocking second round pick Keith Benson off the team with his physical play.

Dime ran the story after Johnson's breakout performance on TNT against the Heat, albeit in defeat, and highlights the bumpy road Johnson traveled to land in the NBA.

Here is an excerpt from the feature, click the link to check it out:

Earning the league minimum after making Atlanta's team in December, Johnson's motivation now is a baby he wants to provide for and a promise to keep to his mother, Cunningham reported.

"As you get older your dream starts to fade after a while," he said. "You have just got to keep pushing, man. That's what I kept doing."

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